February 26 - August 1, 2009
Warren & Alice Jones and Paul &
Betty Boshard galleries (lower level)

Buttons, marbles, dice, rubber frogs, and plastic airplanes are not the "treasures" usually seen in an art museum. But in the exhibition Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos, and Toys in the Attic these objects are the building blocks of the imaginative world of Walter Wick, photographer and author of the popular children's book series I Spy (with Jean Marzollo) and Can You See What I See?

Wick interweaves stories, puzzles, and optical games to invite playful interaction with pictures and words. His puzzles tantalize readers - of all ages - honing observation skills and encouraging a creative and complex relationship between language and image. Starting with a concept for a series of images that will ultimately form a book, Wick collaborates with model makers and scene artists to construct individual compositions that are then photographed. The whimsical objects that populate his photographs come from the vast collection of beads, clips, shells, games pieces, plastic animals and more that fills his Connecticut studio.

In this exhibition, photographs and models escape the book to assume a larger than life presence that magically draws both children and adults into a world of make believe. Wick then pulls back the curtain and invites his audience on a backstage tour. Viewers have the opportunity to explore the making of the images through photographs, models, and videos.

Walter Wick began his career in the 1970s photographing products for catalogs and advertising. An interest in puzzles and optical illusions led to work for Games magazine in the 1980s. Wick’s playful photographs of toys and household objects came to the attention of veteran writer and editor, Jean Marzollo, and in 1991 the two collaborated on I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles. Wick and Marzollo went on to create over twenty I Spy books. Wick also pursued his own creative ideas with the camera resulting in A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder, Optical Tricks, and the popular series Can You See What I See?

This exhibition is organized by theNew Britain Museum of American Art.

Explore a world of make believe with Walter Wick, photographer and author of I Spy, Can You See What I See?, A Drop of Water, and Optical Tricks.

Please join us for the following events:

Wick @ Nite: Discover the Fun
Thursday, March 12 - April 2, 2009
7 pm, Museum of Art Auditorium (lower level)

Family Art Days: Games,
Gizmos and Play at the MOA

June 10, 2009
10 am to 3 pm

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